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  • Zombie Infection 2

    Zombie Infection 2

    3 playable characters providing unique gameplay experiences Polished graphics with new special effects A wide range of weapons including flamethrowers, grenades, melee weapons & more Various new zombies to fight including infected bats, sharks & a giant zombie Journey through South American villages, jungles, diamond mines, a lab and more New gameplay & action: Man a truck-mounted gun turret and pilot a speed boat

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  • Terminator Salvation

    Terminator Salvation

    Lead the Resistance, battling for survival against Skynet's army of Terminators in a third-person shooting game inspired by the movie.

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  • Resident Evil®: Uprising

    Resident Evil®: Uprising

    Fight undead and mutant horrors as you survive a zombie outbreak in the scariest mobile action game. Based on the hit Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation®

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  • Lost Planet 2

    Lost Planet 2

    An epic adventure in an unforgiving and blazing hot world Varied environments including jungles, wastelands and frozen tundra Battle against the Akrid, colossal alien life forms, and harvest their energy Jump inside mechanized Vital Suits and put immense firepower at your command Swap between playable characters and work together to solve intriguing puzzles Extreme realism with brilliant light effects reflecting off the background

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  • Avatar


    A new adventure in the world of James Cameron’s Avatar. Enjoy shoot’em up action, riding a banshee & varied gameplay as Jake fights for Pandora

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  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park

    A whole new Jurassic Park adventure on your mobile phone. Play as Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant, the two famous heroes from the franchise. All the environments and buildings of Isla Nublar are faithfully reproduced. Gameplay perfectly balanced between action, exploration and infiltration. Bonus levels where you can play as the T-Rex or try to escape it in a vehicle. Encounter mercenaries and 5 different dinosaurs, some friendly, some deadly…

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  • Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2

    Become Iron Man in the official movie game with all the action & adventure in the Marvel comic and the classic song by Black Sabbath

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