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  • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Game

    Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Game

    Drive high-performance cars from top car makers like Ferrari and Ducati.Race in locations all over the globe.High-quality graphics with car reflections and interactive environments.New challenges to take on with even more variety than ever.Store energy to release powerful Adrenaline Boosts…

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  • Real Football 2012

    Real Football 2012

    Real Football 2012

    True football atmosphere with improved graphics, animations and cleaner menus Over 240 teams and hundreds of real players thanks to the FIFPro license Many game modes including cups, leagues and a History mode Pick a European national…

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  • Block Breaker 3 Unlimited

    Block Breaker 3 Unlimited

    Break on through to the next generation of Block Breaker! Experience deeper, more intricate levels, that take you beyond a single screen full of blocks. Grab power-ups, trigger switches and blast through gateways to reach new areas as you push your way towards the top. Try to keep up with multiple balls on a same screen, or even multiple pads! The thrill never stops thanks to the level generator. Enemies and epic boss battles await you each step of the way, so stay focused and have a blast!

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  • Gangstar: Miami Vindication

    Gangstar: Miami Vindication

    A massive open-ended environment that recreates Miami Over 75 varied missions: infiltrate gangs, snipe enemies, and survive Miami. Race and chase in cars, motorcycles, a jet ski, and even a helicopter. True freedom: Complete missions at your own pace or do whatever you want. Defeat your rivals with weapons including grenades, rockets and a sniper rifle!

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  • Mega Tower Assault

    Mega Tower Assault

    8 different towers to build and upgrade or capture. 8 different enemies from soldier to paratrooper plane. Control neutral units to help defend your base. Up to 12 interactive maps in 4 settings: Beach, snow, platform and lava. Polished graphics with explosion and weather effects. A leaderboard for each map and rewards (gallery of the units)

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  • Zombie Infection 2

    Zombie Infection 2

    3 playable characters providing unique gameplay experiences Polished graphics with new special effects A wide range of weapons including flamethrowers, grenades, melee weapons & more Various new zombies to fight including infected bats, sharks & a giant zombie Journey through South American villages, jungles, diamond mines, a lab and more New gameplay & action: Man a truck-mounted gun turret and pilot a speed boat

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  • Abracadaball


    Escape to a colorful, arcade-style world and cast spectactular spells as you blast magic balls to save the magic school in a fun, addictive puzzle!

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  • Spider-Man: Toxic City

    Spider-Man: Toxic City

    Stop Green Goblin’s plans in a Spider-Man beat’em up action game. Fight Doc Oc, Rhino, Shocker and more. Even play as Mary Jane and Peter Parker.

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  • Super Puzzle Fighter™ II Turbo

    Super Puzzle Fighter™ II Turbo

    Intense puzzle battles of wit and speed. Experience enhanced graphics and animations Hone your puzzle skills against the computer in Solo mode Challenge classic characters to epic 1-on-1 puzzle combat in VS mode 8 Street Fighter & Darkstalkers characters including Ryu, Chun-Li & Morrigan Unlock the special 9th character: Akuma!

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  • Shrek Forever After: The Mobile Game

    Shrek Forever After: The Mobile Game

    Shrek Forever After, an action game of ogre proportions with 11 levels of epic platforming, fighting, racing and flying, now on your mobile!

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